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Your ID on your phone

Why Join VerifiiD

VerifiiD is a free mobile app which enables users to prove their age to buy age restricted goods such as alcohol and tobacco. Biometrically secure, VerifiiD is easier, safer and quicker than carrying a physical ID.

VerifiiD is designed to be really simple to use and best of all did we mention it’s free?

Your Data Protected

Once registration is complete, we delete all trace of your sensitive documents and store all required data on your phone, meaning you are in complete control of your data. No more selling on your data? Sounds good to us!

Exclusive Offers

Once signed up, you’ll receive free and exclusive offers from your favourite places to eat and drink without any of your data being given away. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff?

Excellent Support

We understand that not everything runs smoothly all the time so reach out if you need help as we’re always on hand to solve any issues.

Free To Use

We are committed to bringing about this positive change so VerifiiD will always remain free to download and use. Who doesn’t like permanently free? Enjoy!

Amazing Features

  • Super Quick Setup

    Setting up your VerifiiD account takes less than 2 minutes.

  • No More Physical ID

    Your VerifiiD code will replace your physical iD completely, just bring your phone.

  • Safe and Secure

    After you get VerifiiD, your sensitive data is removed and deleted from our database.

  • Built-In Selfie Cam

    Set your own selfie with our built-in selfie cam, choosing your favourite snap!

  • Save Exclusive Offers

    All within the app, you can view and save offers all for free – planning the weekend ahead!

  • Best of all it's free!

    VerifiiD is free to download, use and take advantage of offers. And it always will be!

Where is VerifiiD Accepted?

VerifiiD is accepted at numerous outlets such as your favourite bars, nightclubs and restaurants so you can permanently leave your passport, driving licence or other sensitive documents safely at home. No more forgetting your ID on night out either, amazing!

Watch: How VerifiiD Works